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Дорожный Журнал "Carpe Diem"
Записки Одного Велосипедиста
Underwear Ride 
21st-Nov-2013 04:29 pm
Велосипедисты, трай-атлисты и те кто начинает ездить на спортивном велосипеде. К вашему вниманию:

Велоклуб Ridley Masters Cycling Team спонсируемый Reality Bikes и Dutch Monkey Doughnuts объявили о третьей ежегодной поездке "Underwear Ride". Хотя название поездки звучит довольно вызывающе, групповая вело-поездка не имеет ничего общего с нудистскими массовыми вело-парадами или поездками в нижнем или спальном белье. Просто для того чтобы учавствовать в поездке надо принести один пакет нижнего белья (или пакет носок) в сбор для нуждающихся детей Forsyth County- благородная цель! Поездка пройдёт по двум альтернативным маршрутам 25 миль и 50 миль. Оба маршрута проложены по живописным дорогам Forsyth and Cherokee Counties. Обе поездки "no-drop" т.е. скорость меньше 18 миль в час и отстающих ждут. В прошлом году лидер группы на 25 миль была национальный чемпион и капитан команды Луис Гарно - Шерил Фуллер-Муллер. Лидеры группы на 50 миль - команда Ридлей Мастерс. В поездке так же учавстовал наш Атлантский про-континентал велосипедист Сергей Тветцов (команда Jelly-Belly). Для тех кто никогда не учавствовал в поездках в пелотоне, the Underwear Ride предоставлет возможность попробовать ехать в пелотоне не на большой скорости. К сожалению поездка не для тех кто имеет горный или гибридный велосипед.

После поездки, спонсор Dutch Monkey Doughnuts предоставит кофе и донатс. Поездка стартует 15 Декабря, wheels down at 9:00am sharp (rain or shine). Адрес:

3074 Ronald Regan Blvd.
Cumming, GA 30041
22nd-Nov-2013 02:17 am (UTC)
время собирать носки! ;)

"К сожалению поездка не для тех кто имеет горный или гибридный велосипед."
I was just going over the story one more time right now!
after I read a short article about this guy at Triathlete magazine Nov issue =)
22nd-Nov-2013 03:48 am (UTC)
Now I feel bad. Mea maxima culpa.

I didn't mean to offend mountain bikers, "hybriders", "beach bikers"and "recumbents". But I think i did inadvertently. I guess I am loosing touch with my diplomatic Russian . I just felt bad so many times when riders would show up on the fat tire bikes and then quickly get dropped by road group. But if anyone can maintain 18+ mph on the mountain or hybrid bike, you are certainly welcome. Sorry for the incorrect statement.
22nd-Nov-2013 04:19 pm (UTC)
good to know it was not intentional ;) sometimes biking community does scare me off also by having all the hi-fi equip , me - being with my only pride and joy, my dear TREK. I feel bit of ugly-ducky then :)

But actually I just remembered you saying "it's not about the bike" some time ago when I read this article :)

at that hot July GA400 100-miler I saw one lady kicking it at a think tire cruiser :) was amused

I am trying to make up my mind between doing this ride or http://www.holidayinthehampton.org/ at Dec 7th
probably will go for this one cause I just can't wait to get back on the road!
22nd-Nov-2013 02:25 am (UTC) - pic
+ upd
22nd-Nov-2013 03:37 am (UTC)
Hi Nadya,

Thank you for finding the original post from Reality Bikes. I got the post on FB and I didn't know how to transfer FB link from my page to livejournal. I am not the verse with livejournal yet.

Yes, come over and bring your friends. Last year we had a lots of fun. Sheryl (wife of Todd Muller) was leading 25 miles ride. And even the 50-miler led by Ridley guys was moving at the mild "talkative" pace. After the ride we all had cappuccino and doughnuts. I even allowed myself a forbidden thing, a sugar infusion - I ate Boston cream doughnut. But after chilly wet ride last year it was worthy...

I think for the pack of Walmart tube socks this was an excellent ride.
22nd-Nov-2013 04:23 pm (UTC)
now I am thinking of doing both , 7th and 15th :) will see :)

I got this from FB as well =)

22nd-Nov-2013 04:53 pm (UTC)
If you want to enjoy cappuccino and doughnuts after the nice ride on picturesque roads, the Underwear ride will be a good choice. And by the way, there is a surprise at the end of ride :) - the Tribble Gap road, which is like those three hills on 400-hospitality century but longer.

Again, as far as the "fat tire" riders, my comment had not any hints on profiling the equipment, or anything like this. I never do this. I actually still believe in my statement "it is not about bike". It's like I mentioned, the non-road bike has technically different gear ratio and it makes difficult to keep up with the group of road riders. But certainly everyone is welcome, even if you have a tricycle with pink tassels and still keep up... :)

I hope the weather will cooperate and we will have a nice ride, not like last year in cold fog and mist.
22nd-Nov-2013 05:43 pm (UTC)
ok, I will run those hills up making it one big T2 ;)

with this weather we can never know , will see.
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